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  • Information - Getting Started
    SPEED Boot Camp will begin on Monday, August 1, 2011 at 5:45 am (Monday, Wednesday and Friday rain or shine. If the weather is bad we will work inside the gym). Please bring a yoga mat, water/drink and gardening gloves for Huntsville's Most Innovative Boot Camp.

    I designed a Boot Camp that includes Suspension Straps (TRX/Power Rings), Telephone Poles, Battling Ropes, Sleds, Tractor Tires, a Zip Line, Baseball Bats and Sprints. My boot camp is more than just running and push ups.

    Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, the workouts are modifyable and adaptable to your fitness. Walk when you need to, Drop the Intensity if you have to...for now. Intensify as you can, within two weeks you will be stronger and in better shape. Within six weeks you will have more muscle and a faster metabolism. My goal is to allow you to work as hard and as fast as you can without putting yourself at risk for injury.

    See you on August 1st. Don't try to lose weight or get in shape first. Burn up to 600 calories in every class. Our HIIT workout will rev up your metabolism, stimulate fat loss, increase muscle and shrink your problem areas.

    The cost is $180 a month for members of Lightfoot Fitness and $195 for nonmembers.

    Call me at 256.655.9217 if you have any questions or email me at

    Check out my fitness app at the ITunes Store. It will be available July 21, 2011. There are two free workouts and seven others that are moderately priced. There are all kinds of workouts: Abs, Butt, Total Body, Plyometrics, WildCard that can be used with varied equipment.

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    Posted by Aaron Yamaguchi MS,ATC,CSCS,USAW on Saturday July 09 2011 @ 01:26PM CDT
    [ S.P.E.E.D. BOOT CAMP ]

    < TOTAL: IRONBODY (WEIGHT) FITNESS APP | SPEED App Release Date 7/21/2011 >

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