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  • How hard are you working? 5 Workout Tips on Intensity
    1. Body Weight exercises for beginners/Hardest Exercises for experienced lifters

    Everyone should be strive to handle their own weight, push ups, squats, pull ups, dips, etc. Body weight exercises are a good standard for determining exercise difficulty. For those that are starting to workout, I recommend a few body weight exercises in every program. Usually the squats and push ups are the hardest exercises for beginners, if not, they need to match the difficulty of the hardest exercise they did that day. For more experienced lifters, I ask them what are their hardest exercises and basically, they should match the intensity of that exercise to everything that they do in the gym.

    2. 7+ Intensity out of scale of 1-10 (10 Being the Hardest) Think of the hardest task you can do and rate that a 10. Apply an intensity level of at least a 7 to every exercise that you do. Maintain good form to decrease your risk of injury and perform warm up sets at the beginning of each workout.

    3. Last Few Reps Need to Burn and be Intense If you are doing 10 or more reps for each set, the last 3-5 reps of every set, every exercise need to burn intensely. Maintain good form and rest if needed, even during a set.

    4. Only reserves left in the tank. During the end of the workout, you should have only reserves left in your energy tank. The targeted muscles that you just worked out should be nearly exhausted. Don't completely destroy the targeted muscles, but challenge them.

    5. Minimize rest If you are tring to increase muscle mass and increase strength, rest periods range from 45 seconds to three minutes between exercises. If you are trying to burn calories and maintain a high heart rate, minimize rest as much as possible.

    Posted by Aaron Yamaguchi MS,ATC,CSCS,USAW on Saturday November 15 2008 @ 01:04PM CST
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