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    Squat: Back, Smith Rack

    Exercise Name: Squat: Back, Smith Rack

    no photo
    no photo

    Primary Muscles:

    Technical Difficulty:


    Training Benefit:

    Starting Position: Adjust the Smith Bar to shoulder level. Place the Smith Bar on top of the shoulder blades/upper back. Contract/brace the abdominals as if receiving a punch to the midsection and hold (utilize weight belt if needed). The Bar should be directly above the midfoot. Unlock the Bar by rotating it backward and hold the Bar in this position with both arms. Keep feet shoulder width apart (knees slightly bent).

    : Squat and sit back until the thighs are parallel with the ground. Keep the knees behind the toes throughout the movement. Push through the heels and return to the starting position. At the end range, the knees should still be slightly bent, do not lock out to keep the tension on the quads. Repeat.

    : Knee Precautions. The shoulders and hips should rise and fall at the same tempo. Upon returning to the upright position, push through the heels and utilize the legs and not the lower back. Do not let the knees pass the toes throughout the set. Sit back and allow the knees to move backward. Keep the knees in line with the second toe of each foot. Do not allow the knees to move in and out.

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